The O’Leary DNA Test Project.

by Peter O’leary



I hope my readers will remember the outline of this Project which we reported on last year.  This is the point at which this year’s Report starts.  We assume you now  have in mind the general nature of DNA and how it is used to further genealogical research way beyond the boundaries which we get to by researching Church Records etc.


The first phase of the O’Leary family project has now been concluded with a Final Report from the Laboratory on our first batch of 18 men, all of course (O)Leary by name.  12 of these turned out to be from the main stem of the family within the past 1000 years or so.  The remaining 6 men branch off from this main stem many years before that. 


This random testing will continue to be available to any (O)Leary  who wishes to join and to subject himself to this most useful test.


A further extension is also now agreed and will start this year.


This will be more tightly controlled and directed as a study of the structure of the (O)Leary Clan, such as we have never been able to have before.  The Tests will be exactly as before,  but the candidates will be selected to allow us to study the relationship between different branches of the (O)Learys.  Terms like “candidates” and “selected” are used because this will have specific objectives, and will be funded by the Clan Gathering Organisation and the donations of it’s members.  There will be no charge made to (O)Learys who cooperate at this stage.


You might say that Phase 1 was rather tentative and to see what could be achieved.  Now we realise the enormous potential of this technique, we also realise that we have to control our objectives much more closely, and not leave it to chance.


It does also mean that the success of the next phase will depend on individuals making themselves available for testing if approached.  If we ask you to take a test it will be because your family play an important role in our investigation into the structure of the Clan.


We earnestly hope that we will get the full support and cooperation of any (O)Leary who falls into this group.