2005 Progress Report on Carrignacurra Castle.



We told you last year that the young couple who had offered to buy Carrignacurra Castle were negotiating with the Planning and Archaeological Authorities in Cork, but having difficulty in reaching agreement.


That deal fell through, but another buyer was found shortly afterwards.


We understand that it is the intention of this latest buyer to restore the castle in such a manner that they will then be able to live in it.


They will therefore presumably be going through the same motions as before with the Planning, Archaeological and Heritage Authorities to try to make this happen.

This will always be a difficult proposition,  in view of the necessity of providing modern living conditions within a medieval framework.


It will probably only be made possible by the provision of large sums of money, which may not seem a sensible use of such money.


If this part of our heritage were ever to fall into our hands we would not have such problems.  It would be our intention to make such simple restoration to ensure the further life of the castle, and then to use it as a tourist attraction in the ownership of the local community.