Progress Report on Carrignacurra Castle.



There is very little progress to report on this Project.


We told you last year that a couple from Louth had made an offer to buy the Castle from the Gormanov estate, subject to planning consent.


This Planning Consent was then sought, and they were referred to Archaeological experts for advice.  These experts gave them a list and specification of the work which would be required of them if they were to be given permission to go ahead.  The prospective purchasers tell us that they were informed that this above work would cost in the neighbourhood of 250,000 euros and that there would also be a fee payable for the Archaeological advice and guidance of a further 95,000 euros.


We were not particularly surprised to learn that the prospective purchasers have therefore pulled out of the deal, and are no longer interested in proceeding.


Presumably the Castle is therefore back on the market for Sale by the Gormanov estate.