Le Joe Creedon


"The more you do the less you are thanked."

To quote from one of Tom Taylor’s most regular sayings, would give an idea of Tom’s attitude to work.

For 70 years Tom Taylor, a native of Gortaveer, Inchigeelagh travelled the roads of Uibh Laoghaire, Kilnamatyra and Macroom.

Tom’s observations on life, his poems and fine songs ensured a welcome in many a house that he visited. Young and old enjoyed Tom- even when he was cutting in his remarks.

In his final years, he was very well cared for, by Dan and Ann Kelleher and his friends in Inchigeelagh. He passed away in 1988

The following is just a sample of some of his sayings


I’m a shabby genteel,

If you would like to know.

A sorrowful hearted buachail.

I have trudged and tramped

Throughout the land

From Ballinakill to Dubhchuill.

In this world, throughout this land

I am hunted helter skelter.

With non of my family left

To offer me food or shelter.

Och chon, och chon, I am all alone

Poor shabby genteel, my shorneen.



"She had a backside: you could sit up on it!"


"He had a nose on him like a sock of a plow"



There are no matches now.


Only you love me and

I love you!


They have painted lips and bobbed hair

If you don’t mind!


"Look at them bleaching their legs to the sun

And they fifty years out of date"


She is a fine lady

And the grand loaf of bread she’ll give you.


"She married him for his fair beard.

He married her for her purse of gold."


"Young ladies take my advice,

Don’t be rash and marry those false young men

with their foxy fair moustache"


Have you seen my uncle Mick?

He wears a tall round hat,

A suit of frieze that would dazzle your eyes

But his nose is rather flat.

He is six foot long with his stockings on

And a voice like tally ho!

Carries a stick; my uncle Mick

To make the old boy go!




Food and Drink


"There was an eating-house in Macroom.

You got the meat of a bone of a boar,

that was serving sow for forty years"



"The porter ran through you, like you would pull a chain!"



"I don’t want to talk to you."

"Faith then, I’ll make you talk to me"


"Brussy bread- Bucks meat- Black meat-

if it was an apple cake: ‘twas dammed nasty!"


"You lost your dinner"


His Mother


(On her marriage)

"If she saw her new home in daylight

She’d have run away home"


"She hadn’t health, wealth nor thanks"


"The woman was easily led"


Home Life


Tom had an ill-tempered sow called Norry Grey.

While in the house with bonhams it took a cross fit.

In her speed to exit- took the door and trasle with her.



On Faith


"Sure my father paid five shillings for me"

(The price of Baptism)



"God is there alright, isn’t he?

Over the alter in the church.

And he has hardly a stitch of clothes on him

The poor man"


"Why don’t you leave the church porch and go into the church for mass?"

(No comment!)

"The priest will be giving out!"

"The priests are worse than the people for talking!"


On Death

"When you are dead, you are very dead!"

Mick said " When you are covered up the devil a more about you!"



A Trip to Hospital

"I couldn’t sleep with the planes

flying over and back all night.

Where do they turn?

Ah! They turn where they lodge!"



"Goodbye Ireland, I’m going to Cork"


"How could you sleep there with

The rattling of vessels!"


"My beauty is spoilt"





"An armchair- a bottle of whiskey and the meat of the boiled ham-

That’s luxury for you!"


Hard Times

Tom went to meet the P.P Father Burts

The P.P decided a generous once off payment of ten shillings would

give Tom a new start.

"Take this-my blessing, the blessings of God be upon you. Go Rossmore way but don’t look back."

Tom went home and enjoyed the ten shillings.




"My curses are only going up in the air!"


"May the devil drive fire

out your ass!"



A Grous-óg = a discontent- One who had the appearance of

the nose and mouth all being together!


A Bumble = A solicitor’s clerk.


(When he wasn’t favoured in the pub.)

"Poverty is rising and charity is back"



(The second time he saw a black lady in the course of a summer.)

"I haven’t seen that lady in a long while."