Reconstruction of Carrignacurra Castle

A Progress Report - 2002





As we go to press in early 2003 there is, sadly, little progress to report on this important project.


We remind our readers that the late Mr.Maxim Gormanov had started restoration work but had not completed it when he was stopped by the Authorities in 2000. Sadly Mr.Gormanov died that year, and we understand that his estate has been in Probate since that time. No further work has been done on the Castle since then.


It has been a strange paradox for many years, that the local community and also the world wide family of O’Learys, have earnestly wanted this one remaining tower house preserved or restored; the Authorities responsible for it, such as an Taisce, Duchas and the County Council, have been sympathetic but have not had the necessary funds available. Then a private individual, Maxim, was prepared to put in his own money to do the work, with the object of making it his home, and was prepared to co-operate with the other interested parties in the detailed specification, so as to preserve the integrity of historical accuracy.

We have to remind ourselves that the property is now in private hands, ie. the Gormanov family, and the rest of us are in no position to dictate matters. We remain optimistic that there will be a solution eventually which will be satisfactory to us all. We will keep in touch with the Gormanov family so as to put up a proposal if they do not want to continue with the work themselves. And we will keep you in touch through this Journal.


The local bodies who have all expressed an interest include: The O’Leary Clan Gathering Organisation; the Ballingeary Historical Society; Croi na Laoi; and Meitheal Mhuscrai. Between them they represent a large proportion of our Community