Church of Ireland Plate



From 1534 until 1917 the Church of Ireland maintained a Parish in Inchigeelagh. The ruins of the old Church are still there in the Old Cemetery, as are those of the Rector’s house in the field opposite.


One of the first Protestant landowners in the Parish was William Masters who purchased the Carrignacurra estate from Ceadach O’Leary who was the Guardian of the young family of Captain Cornelius O’Leary Merigeach who had died in 1699. The Masters family built themselves a fine new house alongside the old Castle in 1723, which they thereafter called Castlemasters House.


The Church of Ireland still has some of the old plate used in Inchigeelagh at their Divine Services (‘Plate’ is the collective term for a set of silver or gold utensils) . This includes a Cup (or Chalice) and Paten.


William Masters presented these items of Church plate to the Church of Ireland in 1715. They were made by a silversmith in London called Gabriel Sleath.


These fine items of silver plate are now in the possession of the present Rector, Archdeacon Robin Bantry White, from Moviddy Rectory, Aherla, Co Cork. He is Rector of Kilbonane, Templemartin and Kilmurray Churches, which also include the now defunct Parishes of Inchigeelagh, Macroom, Macloneigh and Kilmichael.

The Archdeacon has sent us photographs of this plate, which are shown alongside. He has also kindly provided us with the extracts from "The Church Plate of the Dioceses of Cork, Cloyne and Ross" which describe them in some detail thus;



(a) Cup. Height, 7 ¼ inches.

Lip Diameter, 3 5/8 inches.

Depth of bowl, 4 ¼ inches.

Weight, 10 oz. 9 dwts.


On the bowl is the sacred monogram surrounded by a cross, with the three nails beneath, all within rays.


Inscription "Deo; D.D. Gul Masters generos; in usum Ecclae Paroch; de Inchiguilah Dioces; Corcagiens; Apr.26, 1715"


Marks (4) London Date Letter for 1714-15. Britannia. Lion’s head erased. Maker’s mark S.L. with a pellet underneath. Gabriel Sleath is the Maker.


A cup at St.Mary Shandon bears the same marks. This is of the Britannia Standard.

(b). Paten on foot. Height, 1 ½ inches.


Diameter, 5 1/8 inches.

Weight, 6 oz. 13 dwts


Same inscription and same marks as on cup.