Reconstruction of Carrignacurra Castle.

A Progress Report for 2001 By Peter O’Leary


It is our intention to keep our readers up to date on this important issue.


It will be remembered that last year we reported that Mr.Maxim Gormanov had purchased the Castle and a four-acre piece of land from the then owner, Mr.Derry Kelleher.

It was also stated that the work of reconstruction had begun, but at that time, the work had been halted by the Local Authority, Cork County Council.


Shortly after this, we had the distressing news that Mr Gormanov had died, suddenly and unexpectedly.


We offer our sincere condolences to his family, and are very sorry to have lost a good friend who was doing his best to save this fine archaeological heirloom, primarily for his family, and indirectly for our Community.


The present position is that Mr Gormanov’s property is in Probate, and there will be no further work or progress until these legal processes are concluded.


Once the legal matters are sorted out, it may well be that one or more of his sons will want to continue the work started by their father. In this case we will endeavour to co-operate with them to ensure the Community’s interests are protected.


This and other possibilities were discussed at the Annual Meeting of the O’Leary Clan Gathering in September 2001. It must be accepted that this body has a genuine interest in this fine archaeological monument. To them it represents the last remaining Tower House home of their ancestors, and as such they want to see it saved, preserved and improved. Much interest was expressed by the Members in the possible alternative outcome. This was the possibility that the next generation of the Gormanov family might not be interested in the project, and that they might put the Tower House back onto the market again.


If this were to happen the Clan Gathering Organisation would be interested in taking on the project, and looking for the necessary funds from Members of the Organisation worldwide.

It was also agreed that they would want the local Community to be involved as well, if that were possible. They authorised their Officers to meet with the local Community representatives to discuss this possibility. These would include Croi na Laoi and Meitheal Mhuscrai, and of course any other local body who might express an interest.


We will keep you in touch next year.