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The following three lists are indicators of the type of books which are available for local research.  We hope you will find them informative and that you will enjoy browsing through them.  With our resident local historian (Michael Carroll) and archaeologist (Pippa Pemberton), we hope that you will find a visit to our premises stimulating and enjoyable. 
We stock a multitude of more general books on Irish history, genealogy and archaeology which you may find of relevance. 
10% off for students of History and Archaeology (on such books) on production of student card.
We look forward to meeting you, and wish you the best of luck with your researches.
Abbreviations used in lists:
HB = Hardback
PB = Paperback
DW = with dustwrapper
(ed) = edited by
New books prices marked with * are subject to variations due to sterling exchange rate fluctuations.

Lists correct as of 17.11.99

These books are usually carried as standard stock, and usually take 2-3 days to arrive if temporarily out of stock.  All prices in Irish Punts.  Prices marked * are subject to slight variation due to sterling exchange rate fluctuations.

AALEN, F.H.A (ed) (1997):  Atlas of the Irish Rural Landscape.  UCC:  Cork.  HB £35.00

BARRINGTON, T.J. (1999):  Discovering Kerry:  Its history, heritage and topography.  New foreword by Dick Spring.  1st published 1976.  HB £30.00

BARRY, DR. J.M. (1998):  Pitchcap and Triangle:  The Cork Militia in the Wexford Rising.  Sidney Publishing:  Cork.  Limited Private Edition of 500 (books numbered).  PB.  £20.00

BEGLEY, DIARMUID (1999):  The Road to Crossbarry:  The Decisive Battle of the War of Independence  Deso Publications:  Bandon.  PB £8.00

BREHONY, TONY (1997):  West Cork - "a sort of history like..."  Kestrel Books: Bray.  PB  £9.95

CADOGAN, TIM (intro) (1998):  Lewis' cork:  a topographical dictionary of the parishes, towns and villages of Cork city and County.  Originally published1837. PB £15.99

CARROLL, MICHAEL, J. (1992):  The Second Spanish Armada.  A local history detailing the period when the Spanish Fishing Fleet made Bantry Port their base giving the town a vital injection of economic boom, especially during the depression of the "50's".  Private Publication.  PB £4.00

CARROLL, MICHAEL, J. (1992):  Where the Deer Ran Wild.  A selection of Stories and Folk Tales from Bantry and its Environs.  Reminiscences of Bantry in the post-war period; 1945-1960.  Also details some major events and local folktales.  Private Publication:  Bantry.  PB. £4.00

CARROLL, MICHAEL, J. (1995):  Wolfe Tone and the French Invasion of 1796.  A Brief History of Events.  Excerpt from a Bay of Destiny.  Bantry Design Studios:  Bantry.  Pamphlet.  £2.99

CARROLL, MICHAEL, J. (1996):  A Bay Of Destiny.  A History Of Bantry Bay and Bantry from the earliest times to the  present day including early Irish history, mythology, legends and local clans.   Bantry Design Studios:  Bantry.  PB. £9.99

COTTER, DENIS (ed) (1999): Reminiscences and Recipes of Bantry:  A Century in the life of a town, its people and their food.  Tit-bits of local history and collection of local recipes.  Private publication, proceeds going to the development of public facilities at Wolfe Tone Park.  PB.  £6.99

CROSS, ERIC (1942):  The Tailor and Ansty.  Mercier Press:  Cork.  £6.99

DE VALERA, RUAIDHRI, & O'NUALLAIN, SEAN (1982):  Survey of the Megalithic Tombs of Ireland Volume 4:  Counties Cork, Kerry, Limerick and Tipperary.  HB £35.00

DU MAURIER, DAPHNE (1965):  Hungry Hill.  Penguin:  London.  £8.60*

EVERETT, NIGEL (1999):  An Irish Arcadia:  The Historic Gardens of Bantry House.  Hafod Press:  Co. Cork.  PB £5.99

FITZGERALD, DONAL (1994):  Bantry Historical and Archaeological Society Journal.  Volume 2.  Bantry Historical and Archaeological Society:  Bantry.  PB £5.00

GALVIN, MICHAEL (undated):  The Slow Sunrise:  Land Reform. Labour. Home Rule. in Mid Cork 1865-1881.  Volume 1.  Private publication.  PB £10.00

HART, PETER (1999):  The I.R.A. and ite enemies:  Violence and Community in Cork 1916-1923.  PB £16.00*

KEMP, JULIA (1998):  Hidden Gold:  History and Folklore of the Coomhola and Borlin Valleys.  Coomhola Borlin Community Development Association.  PB £7.00

KRUGER, CHUCK (1994):  Cape Clear Island Magic:  A photographic, historical and dramatic account of Clear Island, Ireland.  Collins Press:  Cork.  PB £7.99

LANKFORD, EAMON (1999):  Cape Clear Island:  Its People and Landscape.  Cape Clear Museum.  PB £9.99

MAC CORMAIC, TOMAS (1998):  1798!  Rebel Cork in Insurrection  The United Irishmen of Cork City and County.  Volume 1:  Sedition; seditious nature.  Private Publication.  PB.  £7.99

MCVEAGH, JOHN (ed) (1995):  Richard Pococke's Irish Tours.  Includes tour of West Cork in 1758.  HB £27.50

MITCHELL, FRANK & RYAN, MICHAEL (1998):  Reading the Irish Landscape.  PB £18.99

MONK, MICHAEL &SHEEHAN, JOHN (1998):  Early Medieval Munster:  Archaeology, History and Society.  Cork University Press:  Cork.  PB £15.95

MURPHY, JEREMIAH (1998):  When Youth Was Mine:  A Memoir of Kerry 1902-1925.  Mentor:  Dublin.  PB £8.99

MYLER, DAVID (1998):  An Archaeological Survey of the Mealagh Valley.  The Mealagh Valley Community Development Association.  PB  £8.00

NOLAN, PAT (1997):  When We Were Young....Life in West Cork.  Private publication.  PB £5.99

O'BRIEN, DANIEL (1991):  Beara:  A Journey through History.  Beara Historical Society:  Castletownbere.  PB £4.95

O'BRIEN, WILLIAM (1996):  Bronze Age Copper Mining on Britain and Ireland.  Includes chapters on mining at Ross Island and Mount Gabriel.  Shire Archaeology:  Buckinghamshire.  PB £5.99*

O'BRIEN, WILLIAM (1999):  Sacred Ground:  Megalithic Tombs in Coastal South-West Ireland.  Centre for Bronze Age Studies; NUI Galway.  PB £25.00

POWER, DENIS (ed) (1992):  Archaeological Inventory of County Cork, Volume 1 - West Cork.  Archaeological Survey of Ireland.  HB £20.00

POWER, DENIS (ed) (1999):  Archaeological Inventory of County Cork, Volume 3 - Mid Cork. (Includes Ballingeary).  Archaeological Survey of Ireland.  HB £25.00

ROBERTS, JACK (1990s):  Antiquities of West Cork, Illustrated Map and Guide.  Key Books:  Skibbereen.  £4.50

ROBERTS, JACK (1990s): The Ancient, Sacred and Historic Sites of West Cork, An Illustrated Map.  Bandia Publishing:  Sligo.  £2.50

ROBERTS, JACK (1990s):  The Stone Circles of Cork and Kerry:  An Illustrated Map and Astrological Guide.  Bandia Publishing:  Sligo.  £2.50

SHEE TWOHIG, ELIZABETH & RONAYNE, MARGARET (eds) (1993):  Past Perceptions:  The Prehistoric Archaeology of South-West Ireland.  UCC:  Cork.  PB £17.99

THE SHEEP'S HEAD WAY DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEE (1996):  The Sheep's Head Way Map and Guide.  £6.00

WHITE, JANE (1999):  She Left Her Heart in China:  The Story of Dr. Sally Wolfe, Medical Missionary 1915-1951.  PB £9.99

WILLIAMS, R.A. (1998):   The Berehaven Copper Mines:  History of the commercial, social life and folklore of this region.   A.B.O'Connor:  Kenmare.  Originally published by the Northern Mines Research Society:  Sheffield, 1991.  PB £6.99


Mizen Journal:  Mizen Archaeological and Historical Society.  No 7, 1999 PB £5.00
Bantry Journal:  Bantry Historical and Archaeological Society.  Volume 2.