The following list  was compiled in 1934.
(Any further information on activities in the West Cork area during this period and   on the individuals especially those whose addresses are missing would be welcome. Our thanks to Donal Cronin , Bawnateample and Derenel Murry, Douglas, Cork  for the information )

List of Officers on 1st  Critical Date                     (1/4/ 1919, date of the formation of Irish                          Republican Army from the  former Irish Volunteers)                                                                                                               
Cronin, John C.,    Doirenalachan, Ballingeary  Captain
Cotter, James , Currahy, Ballingeary  1st Lieutenant
O'Leary, Daniel T., Gurteennakilla, Ballingeary 2nd Lieutenant in charge of            Company
Lynch, John,  Derragh, Ballingeary  Attached to Batt Staff

List of Officers on 2nd Critical Date  (11/7/1921, Date of Truce in War Of Independance)

Cronin,  John  C.,  Doirenalachan, Ballingeary  Captain
Cotter, James,  Currahy, Ballingeary  1st Lieutenant
Cronin, Cors,  Gougane Barra, Ballingeary 2nd Lieutenant in charge of ASU in            Limerick
Lynch, John , Derragh , Ballingeary  Attached to Batt Staff

                               List of Men.
                                                 No. I Section
               Name.                   Address.
O'Leary Daniel,     Bananeel, Ballingeary,  Section Commander                                       
McCarthy, Jack,      Currahy   
Moynihan, John ,            Currahy     
Cotter,Cornelius  ,         Currahy 
O'Leary, Cornelius,         U. S. A.
Twomey, Patrick ,       Currahy, Ballingeary,    O/C Signalling     
Sullivan, Michael ,          Currahy
Buttimer, Timothy ,       Currahy
O'Leary, Jerh ,        Currahy
O'Leary, Arthur,           Currahy
O'Leary, Jerh.,                Currahy
O'Leary, Timothy,               Currahy
Lucey, Denis J. ,           Derryvaleen, Ballingeary,.
Moynihan,Timothy,   Milimorane,     Ballingeary
Riordan, Patrick,        Derrayvaleen, Ballingeary,
Lucey, John ,                   U. S. A.
Creed,   Peter,                 U. S. A.
Riordan, Johrn,               Gortnamona, Ballingeary,
Sullivan, John, ,              Rathgaskig, Ballingeary,
Cotter, Richard W.,        Kilmore, Ballingeary,
Callaghan, Jerry ,           Currahy, Ballingeary,
Sullivan, Eugene,               Currahy, Ballingeary,
Kelleher James,               Aharas,  Ballinreary,.

No. 2 Section

Cronin, John J,   Gurteenakilia, Ballingeary
Kelleher, Denis,  Aharas, Ballingeary, Cork.
Kelleher  William,   Dromcarra,Kilmichael, Cork
Kelleher, Neilus,             Aharas, Ballingeary, Cork.
Creed, Jeremiah ,                           
Creed, Timothy ,  Aharas, Ballingeary, Cork.
Twomey, John ,    Aharas,
Twomey, Timothy,     Aharas,
Dineen, John ,       Aharas,
Creed, John ,      Aharas,
O'Leary, James,  USA
Lehane, Daniel ,  Rathgaskig, Ballingeary,  ASU & I.R. Police
Lehane, Patrick ,  Rathgaskig, Ballingeary,
Moynihan, John ,  Cahir, Ballingeary, Cork
Lehane William ,  Cahir, Ballingeary, Cork
Callaghan, John  ,    Toames, Macroom, Cork
O'Shea,  Jeremiah,   Ballingeary, Cork   Div. Dispaches
O'Shea, Daniel ,  Ballingeary, Cork   ASU
Twomey, Timothy J.,  P.O. Ballingeary, Cork  I/O
McCarthy, John,  Bealick, Macroom
Corcoran, Daniel,     Bealick, Macroom   O/C I. R. Police
Cronin, Cors. D , Bawnateample,   
Cronin, John P,              Bawnateample, Ballingeary  I.R Police & ASU
Cronin, Patrick J,  Glenbanoo, Bantry   ASU
Cronin James D,  Bawnateample    ASU  I/O
Riordan, Michael,  Carrignadoura, Ballingeary
Cronin, Denis,   Bawnateample, Ballingeary
Creed, Jeramiah,  Carrignadoura, Ballingeary
Lucey, Richard , Ovens
O'Leary, Patrick,  6, Victoria St. Dublin

    No. 3 Section
Murry, Patrick,   Lyrenageeha, Ballingeary  Section  Commander
Moynihan, John P,  Lackabawn,         "
Moynihan, Patrick,  Lackabawn,  "
Twomey, John,   Lackabawn, "
Cronin, Cors.,    Keimaneigh "
Cronin, Daniel,   Ballymakeera, Co. Cork
Cronin, John ,  Toames, Macroom
Murry, Thomas,  Cahirmackee, Kealkil, Bantry
O'Leary, John ,  Coomdorcha, Ballingeary
O'Leary, Jeremiah , Anahalla, Macroom
O'Leary, Cors.,  Derreenabourky, B'geary 
O Leary, Denis , Cahir, Ballingeary
O'Leary, Timothy,  Gougane Barra
Hyde, Daniel ,  Scrahanmore, Ballingeary
McSweeney, Edmond (Ned) ,     Keimcorravooly, Ballingeary
O'Leary, James D,  Bawnaneel (Aharas), Ballingeary
McSweeney, Denis,  USA
Creedon, Michael , Kilmore, Ballingeary
McSweeney, Patrick,  USA
Murphy, James,  Carrignadoura, Ballingeary
Murphy, Patrick,  Ballydavid, Cloyne, Co Cork
Twomey, Timothy,  Cork City
McCarthy, Jerh,  Currahy, Ballingeary  ASU  I/O
O'Leary, James,  USA
Callaghan, Michael,  Toames, Macroom
Murry, Denis ,  Lyrenageeha, Ballingeary
Sweeney, John,              Keimaneigh, Ballingeary
Dineen, Michael,  Aharas, Ballingeary
Cronin, John C , Doirenaleackan, Ballingeary  ASU
Cotter, James,   Currahy, Ballingeary   ASU
O' Leary, Dan T,   Gurteenakilla, Ballingeary  ASU

    No. 4  Section
Cronin, Corneilus,  Gougane Barra, Ballingeary  Section Commander & ASU
Callaghan, Timothy,  Rossalougha, Ballingeary
Callaghan, Jack,  Rossalougha, Ballingeary 
Cronin, Denis,   Gougane Barra
Cronin, Denis,
Cronin, John ,  Garrynapeaka, Ballingeary
Creedon , Jerh,   Coolavookig, Macroom
Sweeney, John ,             Keimaneigh    ASU
O' Sulivan, Denis,  Keimaneigh N S
Callaghan, Cal,   Inchimore, Ballingeary   ASU
Walsh, Jas. R ,  Toreenduff
McKensie-Kennedy, Ian     
Twomey, Liam , Toreenduff   ASU
Cronin, Cors,   Cahir, Ballingeary
Creed, John,   USA
Cronin, John,   Dromanallig, Ballingeary (Garda)
O'Leary, Jerh,   (Garda)
Sweeney, Patrick,  Ballingeary NS
O'Leary, James,  Gortafludig, Ballingeary  Dispatch Officer
O'Leary, Timothy,  USA
Cronin, Richard , Clohina, Kilnamartyra
Cronin, Patrick,  Rossalougha, Ballingeary
O'Connor, Thomas,  USA
Moynihan, Denis,  USA
Coughlan, John , USA
Green, Patrick ,  Ballinalee Co  Longford
Holland, John,
Keohane, Michael,  Cork
Twomey, John,   Toreenduff, Ballingeary
Walsh, Richard,  Toreenduff, Ballingeary
Murphy, Neilus,  Lyrenageeha, Ballingeary
Sweeney, Timothy,
Sweeney, Jerh ,  Gortafludig, Ballingeary
O'Sullivan, Dan,  Inchibeg, Ballingeary
Callaghan, Timothy,   Inchimore, Ballingeary
Callaghan, Jerh , Rossalougha, Ballingeary
Riordan, George,  Carrignadoura, Ballingeary (USA)
Cronin, Neilus,   Bawnanoulig, Ballingeary
Twomey, Richard,  Toreenduff, Ballingeary
Twomey, Timothy,   Lackabaun, Ballingeary
Harrington, Patrick,  Ballingeary,
Lynch, John,   Doireach, Renaree
Kelleher, Jerh,   Aharas, Ballingeary

ASU   = Active Service Unit = Flying Column
I/O  = Intelligence Officer 
I/R Police = Sinn Fein Police
O/C   =Officer in Command
USA  - Went to the United States of America