(air of "The Bould Tady Quill")

   Come and sit by the fire and keep yourself warm and a story that's
    true I will tell it to you.
   Of a man who'll converse in fine conversation and has an old
   grá for the old mountain-dew.
   He has travelled this country to brew his fine whiskey from the
   banks of the Lee to the shores of Dunchaoin.
   The broad plains of Limerick and the high hills of Wicklow his
    name I  will tell you Jim Kearney, Cooleen.
         With his dog and his gun like a hare he would run and the 
         woodcock    and pheasant would fall by the score.
         O'er mountain and valley the grey deer would rally as the
        mighty Jim  Kearney would leave a loud roar.
         From the lakes of Teergay, Kenmare and Killarney to the high 
          and  bleak hills over lonely Gougane.
         Sure he is no stranger to famed Inchigeela, Mushera Mountain
           or sweet  Leaca-Bawn
         All over this land with a trowel in his hand some high and fine
          houses  he has built from the ground.
         From the coast of West Cork to the streets of Kanturk his work
         of renown can be seen all around
         Like trades-men of old sure he could uphold with the greatest
           stone mason you ever did see
         No master designer of the highest degree could baffle this
           expert who lives by the Lee
         Now many's the time when he in his prime would dance and
           sing song from dark until dawn.
         With a voice so enchanting like a lark in the morning, the sweet
          notes  would ring out from here to Grianan.
         His eyes they would glow as the verses would flow with the
         Pride Of Black Water or the Maid Of Gurteen
         And of all the great singers and bards of this Island there is 
         none can compare with Jim Kearney, Cooleen.
         Many years have now passed since the days of his youth with   
         the crack  and ghost stories I will never forget.
         Of times so undaunting with neighbours most charming and 
          Kearney's      hot punch was the finest you'd get.
         And now to conclude and finish my story of a man who's well
         known  for his famous poiteen
         May his songs never die or his glass never dry so here's a long   
         life to Jim Kearney, Cooleen.
                                                   Written By
                                                    Eddie Noonan