Inchigeela Lakes

By Jim Dromey, Tullamore

I know a winding road that leads
By Inchigeela Lakes;
There many an eye on beauty feeds,
Where lapping water breaks.

And from the lake-edge comes a song
Like breath of evening breeze,
That whispers melody among
The leafy elm trees.

Iveleary wrapped in scenery,
In song and story told,
Your mountains rich in greenery
Are lovely to behold.

The upland slopes are all alive
With lambkins at their play;
While in the peaceful valley thrive
Wild flowers in colours gay.

Soft, sun-kissed waves of Loch Allua,
By whose cool banks I lie,
Hold magic charms forever new
Beneath a sapphire sky.

Oh would that I could sketch those vales,
Where lakes in stillness sleep;
Or dwell beside such sunny dales
To watch the violets peep

Their heads to greet the passer-by,
And nod and smile in glee,
Some unseen by the traveller's eye   
That lingers on the Lee.

And then reluctantly I leave
Calm Inchigeela Lakes,
That in my mind's eye I perceive
When memory awakes.
     Jim Dromey, Tullamore