Notes  in the Baptismal Register 1846-1855.



These Notes were made by Fr.Holland, the Catholic parish priest in Inchigeela, in 1855 They describe the constant struggle to keep his flock together in the face of famine.  Many were tempted to convert in exchange for food.

1846        one convert.  No perverts
1847        five families became Apostates (abandoned their faith) in number thirteen
1848        a family returned to the fold. Individuals three
1849        four families continued Apostate
1850        four continued in their error
1851        four, the same families remained, except the mothers of the same families
1852        three families returned and did public penance
1853        two families persevered obstinate and one returned
1854        one labourer of the Minister is going to Church, with three children, his wife going to Mass, not to Sacraments
1855        one parent is sending three of her children to the Protestant School, one of whom is taken into the Minister's house as servant. The mother of three illegitimate children nominally a Catholic is sending the three to the Protestant School, one of whom is a Catholic, the two more belong to Protestant fathers. The mother of these three children together with the parents of the other families were publicly denounced from the Altar by the PP all in vain.

Jeremiah Holland. PP.

30th.July 1855